This exquisitely designed luxury tree house is a placeholder for connection and an activator for every human’s highest potential. Each detail of The Treetop Haven is designed for the jedis of the world  – for those who are braving positive change with life enhancing work.

Nestled among fragrant eucalyptus trees in the Dominican Hills of San Rafael, Marin County, California and endowed with never ending views, Veritas Vista is the ideal place for executive teams to hone their mission, innovate their strategies and accelerate their outcomes.

This retreat house is for those who know it’s not about working harder and longer, it’s about activating heightened awareness, which propels us into the most our most creative, inspired and unique genius. 

One of our clients, Jamie Wheals author of ‘Stealing Fire’ defines the ‘flow state’ as the state of effortlessness, timelessness, selflessness and richness where the qualities of action and awareness merge. Veritas Vista – The Treetop Haven – is for groups to gather and tap into their ‘flow state’ together. 

Welcome to Veritas Vista.

Where truth provides the freedom for possibilities and change.