retreat. elevate. create.

The perfect sanctuary for new ways of thinking to emerge.

Optimize your time and maximize the value of your off-site work retreat in a warm, calming, and relaxing environment to deepen your group connection while increasing your return on investment.
We care about deepening connections between people and thriving together. The best way to bring people closer is to curate safe, private and transformative experiences, where humans are engaged with all of their senses.
At the heart of who we are, we believe connection to yourself and others is the best medicine for optimal health and wealth. Gather your tribe at Veritas Vista, the optimal place-holder for connection and self-realization.

Veritas Vista is a luxury retreat house with the mission of enhancing people’s lives in an environment that deepens the connection with themselves and others. Above all we believe in cultivating beauty, creativity and kindness in evertyhign we do.

Nestled among fragrant eucalyptus trees in the Dominican Hills of San Rafael, Marin County, California and endowed with never ending views, Veritas Vista inspires creativity and connection well beyond your time on retreat here.

Veritas Vista’s views, purposeful design, and multi-use studio, provide the retreat space for new ways of thinking to emerge.

This exquisitely designed luxury tree house is a placeholder for connection and an activator for every human’s highest potential. Each detail of The Treetop Haven is designed for the jedis of the world  – for those who are braving positive change with life enhancing work.

This retreat house is for those who know it’s not about working harder and longer, it’s about activating heightened awareness, which propels us into the most our most creative, inspired and unique genius.

Welcome to Veritas Vista.


  • 5 ways to use the space for deepening group interaction
  • Retreat expense calculator for prioritizing values
  • Sample retreat agenda for inspiration

At Veritas Vista…

We know when individuals come together and experience timelessness, a deeper connection with ourselves and each other results. It’s this kind of connection that offers the perfect context for groups to express their most edgy, innovative ideas and illuminating sentiments.

Welcome to Veritas Vista…. where beauty and tranquility offer precious connections.