Personal Chef: Personal chefs to suit your savviness – raw,vegan,vegetarian, paleo, flexitarian, family style, individually plated.



Graphic Recording: Graphic Recording is when a visual practioner uses graphics, icons and texts to document a conversation, presentation or workshop in real time through the use of flip charts, large wall posters, or digital format. *Also referred to as storyboarding, mind mapping, or visual scribing. Graphic Facilitators, along with capturing the content in visual format, facilitate the conversation and activity in the room. They act as both recorder and leader.

Sonic-Somatic Wellness: 90 minutes $500  Sonic-Somatic Wellness is a form of sound therapy that works on physical, emotional and mental levels to facilitate stress-reduction, restore health and promote well-being. The practitioner we work with specializes is working with a variety of sound healing instruments; such as singing bowls, gongs or tuning forks. This session can be paired with Nidra Yoga or with Breathwork if desired.

Breathwork: 90 minutes $500 Biodynamic Breathwork sessions use deep continuous  breathing through the mouth and a curated musical journey as a method of entering into a non-ordinary state of consciousness.  A natural healing process is then activated as within the psyche.     Yin Yoga Practice: 60 minutes $300 A quiet floor practice of long held stretches gives the mind/body a pause from all the input of the morning allowing for digestion and assimilation of material and a chance for the body to find relief from tightness and aches. Recommended for morning or mid-day.

Vinyasa Yoga: 60 minutes $300 After a day of sitting and being active mentally, the body needs to move and stretch.  Use this flow practice to release stress and stretch and strengthen parts of the body that have been neglected in a day of meetings. Recommended for afternoons.

Fill the Pantry: $75 Enjoy the convenience of our “Fill the Pantry” service. Send us your grocery list and we’ll stock the kitchen with your favorite goodies prior to your arrival.

Retreat Curation: Do you desire a 10-15% return on your investment from your retreat? Send us an email with more information on the nature of your work and business and describe what you’d like to achieve on your retreat. We’ll reply and help you create your retreat in less than 24 hours. Click here to email us.