World class facilitation, accommodation and focus to help your team get to the next level of performance.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

-Joseph Campbell


 It’s Time To Champion Your Vision….

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

– John F. Kennedy


  • Dial into the collective and individual purpose

  • Determine existing culture for success

  • Establish individual, team and organizational values

  • Establish core tools and frames

  • Take inventory, Plan trajectory:
    Where have you come from?
    Where are you now? Where are you going?


Position your precision and power.

It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.

– Muhammad Ali

  • Learn to perform as a team, aligned and organized
  • Create accountability and integrity:
    Make the unconscious conscious
  • Clear all “NOISE” from the culture and systems
  • Rewire team to execute with precision
  • Optimize and align: Budget, Talent, Opportunities


Launch with maximum velocity and purpose.

Champions are made from something they have deep inside them. A Desire. A Dream. A Vision.

– Muhammed Ali

  • Establish tactical and strategic plans: eg 3,6,9 months / 1,3,5 years
  • Create team culture that is envigorating and inspiring (Those that play together stay together)
  • Identify and align strategies, roles and responsibilities
  • Implement high performing communication and accountability systems


This unquestionably was the most thought provoking, enjoyable, and usable “work session”  I have ever attended. On a call this morning members of the team are using terminology and focus we learned, showing they were paying attention, listening, and adopting – a MAJOR breakthrough for any group in a short period. 

The setting combined with John’s guidance allowed us to cover a lot of ground in a very short time.

David Kushner

Partner at Global Asset Management Consultants

John’s facilitation got right to the heart of what individuals should do to avoid common mistakes that are often made, and gave very concrete steps to take to get things moving in the right direction. His tone was a perfect balance, with examples and very specific actions to take going forward.

The facilitation was very thoughtful and thought-provoking.  I think we all got to know one another and each other’s strengths better, and we all saw how we can best help the company move to the next level.

Jan D’Alessandro

President and Founder of Blue J Strategies

The process of categorization and prioritization of issues was much more efficient than without a facilitator. Facilitation allows your executives to concentrate on the issues at hand without having to manage the process of idea generation and capture. It was easy to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. I would recommend John. He gave us the benefit of idea generation and capture in an environment that is comfortable and encourages participation.
Infographics give the participants visual queues to remember important elements of the discussion and serve as another source for notetaking.The most useful graphic was the capture of our business model, common language, our trajectory and timelines. For me it identified the critical items needed to accomplish in the short term and the tools used to execute efficiently.
Karl Simmons

Chief Executive Officer at GridSpeak Corporation

John illuminated the emotional and cognitive foundation of how we phrase communication and how different types of communication can be received or perceived. It also helped implement structure into our work that harmonized our team and each person’s work. John really teaches great strategy on how to focus teams so that we are identifying each member’s strengths and optimizing them to work cohesively towards our business goals.

It was great to see our discussion in graphic form and let us reflect on what was said. It showed me our values and alignment as a team and the wealth of ideas we have collectively.The horizons graphic I found extremely valuable because it acted almost like a detailed checklist of what we need to do over the next year.

Marquesa Finch

Founding Partner at P2Health Ventures, Blockchain Health Consultant

High end. Professional. John has a great deal of experience, is highly intuitive and knew exactly what to do without having to explain a whole lot. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to include a third party facilitator, I can say as CEO of my company, John freed me up to participate more directly during the sessions.  We all walked away with tools that the team could use collaboratively and we now have a common language so we can understand each other.

Truly found it incredibly useful having the content of our sessions captured with graphics. Placing the visual takeaway on a wall in the office allows participants/team to keep focused at a glance.

E. David Ellington

Founder & Executive Chairman of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS)

The facilitation was world class. The facilitator’s breadth of knowledge in creating healthy environments to behave and work with a team were expansive. He was also able to teach new processes that were specific to the immediate needs of the organization to accomplish tasks and goals. 
We learned healthy ways of communicating with each other. We laid a foundation for the elements that are the company culture. We set goals and learned processes to achieve them in a specific way with everyone playing a role.
The acceleration series retreat assured my belief in the mission, culture, and teams ability to achieve success. 
Luke Pellegrini

Co-Founder at Blockchain Expertise MX


Krista Kujat

Krista Kujat

Founder and Curator of Veritas Vista, the Luxury Treehouse retreat where visionaries excel.

Krista brings her background as a certified somatic experience practitioner and relational-systemic facilitator to bring depth, presence, meaning and insight to retreat curation. Her specialty is helping others gain trust and intimacy with themselves and with others.


John Taylor

John Taylor

Coach and Advisor to CEOS, Founders and Teams

John coaches individuals and groups who want to live fully actualized and embodied lives, filled with power, passion and purpose, while positively impacting the world. His methodology is deep and bespoke, his clients are almost all personally referred and include people you would assume don’t need coaches, from family offices, heads of foundations, startup founders $1-$25M CEO’s and executives of more established companies $100M to $1B+, published authors, athletes, world recognized celebrities, to social impact entrepreneurs, and more.


Lisa Batchelder

Lisa Batchelder

Graphic Recorder

Identifying the need, audience, and desired outcome—  then designing and implementing focused resources and facilitated sessions to match has been Lisa’s passion and unique ability for the last twenty years. She is an experienced corporate communications/ graphic facilitator, leadership coach, educator, artist and writer with the ability to tap into the curiosity adherent in any container and let it serve the purpose of the process at hand.


Other seasonal practitioners available upon request. 

Tell us a little bit about you, and what you’d like to achieve with your team at the retreat. Tell us your key objectives, priorities and outcomes to make your retreat the highest level win and we will take that to custom design High-Impact Acceleration Series event(s) for a maximum ROI. 

“The most effective way to do it is to do it.”

– Amelia Earhart